Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thinking ahead.

Contemplating the future makes me question where I am right now and where I have been.

In no other aspect of life do I feel this way.

Contemplating the light does not make me confused about darkness. Just as thinking about food doesn't make me question water.

I suppose people are most lost when it comes to themselves. Just as it is way easier to give advice than it is to take action.

I often think the greatest desire most people have is to feel connected. But how can we share who we are or expect to be accepted for who we are, without first knowing who we are?

On the other hand I doubt anyone truly knows themself.


  1. My but you are waxing philosophical "today."

  2. Yeah thats partly why I made this new blog. I really do need to post on my rpg blog more but my playing group kinda fell apart. But maybe now that I am blogging more often I'll at least post some old adventure logs.